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the u.s. company bailed out aig. they sell the remaining sales for over 7 billion. the u.s. government at one time on a 92% stake in aig. many thought the u.s. government would lose a lot of money on this deal. the u.s. government makes 22.7 billion and aig is now out of government hands. rumors percolating bad investors are buying up shares of hewlett-packard. their shares were up 2 1/2% yesterday and up 3 1/4% in trading. they continued to slide down the $529.22. >> port of oakland maritime director james klein steps down as a newly released audit shows nearly two under thousand dollars in questionable expenses from missouri's meals to a tiffany silver key ring to a u2 concert. in internal audit of 2011 expenses were already under way in october when news broke about the ports executive director, all our big demand and kwan spent nearly $4,500 at the he is a strip club. the men that are ready step down from his position. >> american schoolchildren can lead to continue to lag behind stevens and asian countries in math and science exams given globally singapore south korea and japan ou
. >> a controversay brewing on the u-c berkeley campus. between the student government and the salvation army. kron four's philippe djegal explains why some students want bell ringers banned from the university. >> if the uc berkeley government has of their way you will never receive the salvation army runners on campus ever again. and i think it has gone too far i would disagree with the band. and i think that the student body is discriminating against the salvation army. >> last month passed a resolution of the discriminatory practices of the salvation army and want to end the presence of the organization's donation containers on the uc- berkeley campus. students have mixed opinions >> and i think that if it is dividing the campus. >> from my stance, i believe that christians should be the bigger people. regardless, of what judgment is on one hand. >> the resolution states that the church services are only available for people that accept and abide by the doctrine and discipline. that excludes the homosexuality. the golden state of selvage an army responded to kron 4 and sang " totally false ". t
and antioch as they look for a suspect of a murdered man. >> the student government at u-c berkeley wants to ban salvation army bell ringers from campus. we'll explain why. >> dallas cowboys defensive tackle josh brent taken into custody after a crash that killed one of his teammates. we'll have details on that investigation coming up. >> i'm marty gonzalez. ysabel duron is off today. we'll have more on our top stories in a moment. but first, let's get a quick check of your forecast with janu >> good morning. as for this afternoon, we will have sunny skies and warmer temperatures compared to yesterday with authorities. for this evening it is going to be cool inland. mostly clear we could see some fog again. taking a look at temperatures in the north bay. a bit warmer in the 50s. with mid 40's for the east bayshore as we go for the afternoon. we will get to the 60s mid-60s an antioch, livermore, 68 in oakland to. 54 in half moon bay fior59 in the santa rosa. and mid-60s fort san rafeal. your full forecast, coming up with mid- >> new this morning. police in antioch are investigating a homic
or government officials say entire families were washed away. more than 310,000 people have lost their homes as the typhoon struck on tuesday. >> the bay area quality management district has received a 1 million grant $1 million grant from the u.s. department of energy to help more local companies use alternative fuel for their vehicles and fleets. the gravel goes towards the california floods in wordplay alternative fuel project which aims to reduce barriers for companies and governments to use alternative fuel. such as issues with permitting. the gravel watch and february and will continue over a two-year period. a report finds a the states themselves agency needs more independent oversight and recommends a restructuring to avoid the appearance of conflict of interest. the institute of medicine says too many board members on the california institute for rich in art of medicine represent schools that receive funding. california voters in 2004 proposition 71 that form the seat i are am. as distributor about 1.3 billion in grants. california >> california is suing delta air lines over the lac
governance page. starbucks lovers who missed out on the coffee chain's limited -edition gift cards. can now find them on e-bay, but for a lot more money than the original price. on friday, the company sold five- thousand stainless steel gift cards online. and they went for 450- dollars each. they sold out in six - minutes. the gift cards are loaded with 400- dollars in starbucks credit. by monday, dozens were selling on e-bay for hundreds of dollars more than face value. one was claimed saturday after a winning bid of almost 11- hundred dollars! and here's a live look outside. the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. weather and traffic not to bad although there are changes in the forecast. explwe will explain what >> welcome at the time is 4:14 on your tuesday morning. they're big changes in your forecast erica had a look on the details. >> good morning erica. >> good morning as we take it to our roof cam in downtown stephenson's gold can make out the lights. visibility not an issue in the city however, we have local dense fog for the north bay and the delta. the bottle, santa rosa aroun
more. >> if the use the government has there where you will never see salvation army bell ringers like this on campus ever again. >> i think it has gone too far. i would disagree with the >> . if they have they have their beliefs perhaps they're discriminating against the beliefs of very celebration army. >> they passed a >> there are certainly mixed relations on mess. >> i feel like there are relations-zionist aggression should be on bigger people. if something is this golden state division of the salvation army saying that it is totally false that the only requirement for service from the salvation army is a demonstrated need. >> i would disagree with discrimination in any form especially based on one's gender. >> our messages from uc- berkeley were not returned and they have not been contacted. it is also saying that deaf bell ringers. have not been on cap -- the salvation army bell ringers have not been on the campus and at least five years. phillipe djegal, kron 4 news. >> sean moffett died of head trauma on october 30th of the just two days after he was hurt during street celebra
fiscal cliff -- at the apparent dead-lock in washinton. now -- some government agencies are making contingency plans, just in case. emily schmidt shows us the possible impact on agencies that regulate food safety. >> "oh, i like this one" >> preparing for the holidays at paul and tressa bennett's house is a reminder of something else just around the corner , a fiscal cliff deadline that's personal here. >> "i can't imagine funding being cut at this point. it would be tragic". >> tressa is worried mandatory budget cuts would hurt food safety inspection that's mattered to her since her twins were born in 1999. >> 'chloe was in the hospital for two weeks, luke for three" >> she and her babies got listeria poisoning from meat she ate while pregnant. the centers for disease control says contaminated food sickens about 48 million people a year, 3000 people die, so the fda and the usda's food safety and inspection service are charged with protecting the food supply. an 8-point-2 percent budget cut translates to a combined $157 million dollars. there's no word exactly what cuts would mean
-old is currently in a while modern a detention center where he is fighting a government order that he be returned to believes. police employees want to question mcafee and the fatal shooting of american who lived near mcafee some and bellies. mcafee went on the run last month after believe cn officials tried to question about killing of his neighbor. mcafee denies involvement in the killing. the attorney of a southern california tears suspect is testing authorities handling of his client. so we'll market beer and had injuries on his face and head when he was turned over by the fbi the u.s. military says those afghanistan. attorney geoffrey aaron says kabir arrived in california last week and had a broken facial bone, lacerations and was suffering from memory loss. president >> president obama will accept unlimited sums of corporate money to pay for his inauguration. a spokeswoman for the presidential inaugural committee says it would set cash from companies and individuals to underwrite the costs of the weekend festivities surrounding his second inauguration next month. my big money from lobbyist
were down for government and finacial banking and real estate. overall, hiring is happening. in sf justine waldman kron 4 and >>jacqueline: that dense fog is likely to occur again. the bay bridge toll plaza with mainly clear skies as we take a look at our current temperatures. still in the upper kitties foremost locations but only to degrees in daly city, 55 degrees in novado, 50 in vallejo. we will see a chilly night tonight with upper-50s --mild temperatures. caho >>pam: people in the south bay are fed up with the roodamaged roads. . >> coming up at 530 what started as a phone pranks against the orioles is taking a tragic turn. a nurse is dead. against the taking a tragic turn. a nurse is dead. against the -- look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problem
government will do about the decriminalization of pot at the state level since marijuana is still illegal on the federal level. >>> lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people are better at managing their money than the average american! a survey found they earned more, saved more, have less debt, and are better prepared for retirement. they carried about $4,000 less debt than the american. uncertainty about the future of gay rights likely prompts many members of the community to be especially careful about their money, they say. >>> coming up, cal's new football coach, sonny dykes, is introduced to the bay area. and only two days after losing his father, dennis allen returned to the field. >>> the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new year is always on kron4! the biggest party and spectacular fireworks will all be on kron4's new year's live show, hosted by catherine heenan and gary radnich. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone w
party. >> republicans should not be conceding that the federal government needs more money negotiating with ourselves entry in the president's proposal like it is serious. >> gop senator jim demint said anti-government anti- tax paris. >> there are some that want to go the politically expedient route to give the president what he wants to get out of this mess. >> he is hardly the conservative upset with house republican leaders. the conservative action networks in this alert supporters sang card rep tell your representative tax hikes are not part of the solution. the e-mail included a not so subtle threat saying this infamous pledge cost george h. w. bush reelection. >> read my lips. >> aware of the potential blow back that could imperil his leadership john boehner careful to include in other proposal leaders. including paul ryan who spent months on the campaign trail ordinance against tax increases. >> we will cut tax rates for small businesses and work with the family. >> house gop sources tell cnn they hope conservative black less is proof that we try to compromise. >> the house rep
president mohammed morsy... clashed with anti-government protesters. morsy supporters drove anti- government protesters from the grounds of the presidential palace. but morsy opponents pushed back. both sides exchanged rocks and fireworks, before the anti- morsy protesters were pushed back again. it is still unclear if anyone was hurt in the latest exchange. many in egypt believe, unfair and an attempt by morsy to grab more power. jazz legend dave brubeck has coming up.. how the musician's legendary life- long work news at 6. a legend of jazz music has died. dave brubeck passed away from heart failure today brubeck was in connecticut when he died. the pianist and of america's greatest jazzhe was also designated as a "living legend" by the u-s star status with recordings such as "take five" and "blue rondo a la turk." he also broke racial barriers, playing in black in the 19-50's. .. and refusing to play in segregated venues.. brubeck was born in concord, california..he would have tomorrow. and a reminder.. you can catch all your entertainment news right here on kron-4. the insid
-husband recognized her in the surveillance. and she complained that the government stole her baby she makes a cradling gesture. records confirm that she lost custody child. the issue were the same outfit in the bank, her arrest, and the you tube video that could center down the tubes. cnn and coffeejeanne mos... >> coming up, much quieter than the yesterday's commute. with yesterday's fog, janu. >> good morning a. we are taking a look at the satellite and radar with high pressure building on the eastern pacific ridge. it will keep us rain-free. with that dense fog and breaks of sunshine for the afternoon and partly cloudy and cooler conditions. taking a look of fog tracker 4 still areas of dense fog but by 10:00 a.m. still some breaks of sunshine. and for the evening, some southern portions of the east bay shore in the east bay valley. a pretty nice start with vallejo, half moon bay. 56 in the sunnyvale. we will still be dealing with widespread 50s. but by noon, the 60s will be indicated by the rain. that is where the afternoon highs are headed. it will still be widespread 50s. taking a loo
the circumstances. >>pam: he is being held in a detention center while he fights a government order that he be returned to belize. a judge has yet to rule on whether he will be granted political asylum. police in belize still want to question mcafee over the fatal shooting of a u.s. citizen who lived near mcafee's home in belize. >>jacqueline: we enjoyed a nice temperatures but it is it dropping quickly with 50s from the upper 60s this afternoon. 50s in the santa rosa, 54 degrees in daly city. it is still, 60s in oakland. as we go towards tomorrow we will see additional cooling for the afternoon with increasing cloud coverage of rainfall. for wednesday morning that storm will bring a blast of cold, arctic air. temperatures will only get into the fifties. thursday, another cool day with temperatures getting into the 30's. let us take a look at what we will see for the overnight hours. the satellite and kerstin writer showing clear skies. we will see the increasing cloud coverage as we see that the stormtracker 4. pressing to the south with the disturbance with it. that will bring rain tomorr
in washington president obama is meeting with washington to discuss the fiscal cliff. the automatic government spending cuts that will kick in. republicans and the white house sent to have finally found some common ground both sides agreeing that tax revenue and reductions in entitlement spending for programs like medicare are key elements of this bill. republicans may be softening on raising taxes for the wealthy americans. the white house may be bending on accepting greater spending cuts for medicare and possibly raising the medicare retirement age 65 age from 65 to 67. >> thank you mark. we will take a quick break the time is 6:38. we are following the weather. we have quite a bit of rain coming down quite a bit in the bay area especially in the east bay. george is following a hot spot in interstate 80, a backup sonically basically from berkeley up to the cartoonist bridge. george will let us know why and what is going (male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news starts now. >> thanks for watching kron fours bay area news channel. here are the top st
scrutiny from government regulators over this proposal made by c. l. reed hastings in july. securities and exchange commission's analysis to net flicks and hastings regarding the pose on the account. hastings wrote of facebook that monthly viewing on net flicks had exceeded 1 billion hours in june. the sec is that it says and that is material and best information that that must be disclosed as close a regulatory filing or press release. the company says the information as a material because it already disclosed that subscribe is reviewing about a billion hours of content per month. >> the live cameras are looking gorgeous. this is san jose showing you traffic is nice and light on the 1 01 and there is plenty of sunshine. we will be back. reservoirs' have seen a much needed increase in water level since last weekend storms. the reserves and a clear and prove significantly with the rain fall but levels are not exactly where they need to be. since last wednesday the santa clara with valley water district's as average storage in their tent reservoirs' increased from 74 to 91 percent of whe
alternative fuel projects which aims to make it easier for companies and governments to use alternative fuel. the grant will launch in february will continue over two year period. >> and 18 year-old man is behind bars this morning in redwood city after being arrested in connection with a shooting on highway 101. police have been shooting for eric valencia vargas since the the timber furtive shooting. he is suspected of shooting three people in a dodge charger as they drove south on highway 1019 ralston ave off ramp. according to believe he started the car either because of a road race or some sort of previous dispute. all three occupants of a barge chargers suffered minor injuries from the shooting. >> meanwhile a partisan contra costa county have arrested a 38 year-old homeless man in the strangling death of another man at a homeless camp in concord. officers say james riley was arrested on suspicion of homicide yesterday's after a fight left 47 year-old gerald nagle the dead at a homeless camp. authorities say it is unclear why the two men were fighting. rightly is currently being held at
modest improvement, but numbers were down for government and finacial banking and real estate. overall, hiring is happening. >> in san francisco, news. justin waldman, kron 4 news. >>jacqueline: we are looking at fog forming in novato.. that will change for the overnight hours. current temperatures, the lower these get the clothes we would get to the dewpoint... 40's in fairfield. 40's in daly city but look at 45 degrees in daly city. 43 degrees inf daly city which is aimpacting the fog with the 43 reading of the dewpoint... we will see sunny skies tomorrow by 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. clearing. with a rapid clearing expected. less fog on the sunday and the same for monday. taking a look at the satellite and radar clear skies for the bay area. eyehole some high clouds but those are gone. we will see some chilly temperatures, overnight as i mentioned, 30's for the inland valleys. -- i can expect to see some high clouds. and fog perhaps just a patchy. 30's through napa, the peninsula and for the afternoon temperatures, low 60s for the south bay. 60s in cupertino, 60s in san jose and
story. a i g the government bailed them out out of lehman's. >> this was altered the all occupy wall street where was our occupy bailout? the treasury can claim victory. and the aig can also be cleared of toxic assets. it did not make any sense it was going to be a disaster but i do not know how the united states pulled out a profit but i would say congratulations. >> thank you, rob. you can catch rob black on our off go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates and on digital 4.2. and in the morning. >>jacqueline: he has been a chilly day today. will get even colder for the rainfall moving into the bay area. most of the rain is concentrated well into the north. with an increasing cloud coverage. let us take a look if the weather headlines. it is going to be chilly. not quite as it will as what we saw. but scattered showers today. dry conditions with the rainfall returning this weekend. let us take a look at futurecast. the rainfall over fairfield and the north bay coast. as we move towards 10:00, of vallejo and also towards the san mateo coast.
in the southern philippines were government officials say entire families were washed away. >> as the kron 4 morning news continues a live look from mount tam this thursday morning. low clouds around the bay into some blue sky above. winning the fog to break up around the bay area of big changes for the weather forecast will have more on your weather the latest look at your morning commute. watching wall street as well without the jones amount of time. we will be back with more stores the kron 4 morning news' returns in two minutes. good morning and welcome back 7:28 a.m. is a time. taking a look at our live camera at santos go on and as ave.san francisco. >> dealing with low clouds and locally dense fog this morning as best as sunny afternoon dry and to leaving. because of a low visibility there are delays in arrivals at sfo average of about 48 minutes. if you're headed there you want to tracheck travel times. >> we are here at the approach the bay bridge toll plaza in my last report i imagine solemn the incline. it looks like they may have clear that. i do not think there are any lange obs
in a guatemalans detention center where he is fighting a government order that he be returned to belize. police in belize want to question mcafee in the fatal shooting of an american who live in iraq is on the belize. back of the denies involvement in the killing. >> the attorney of southern california terror suspect the questioning of stories handling of his client. soheil 0 mar kabir that interest his face and head when he was turned over to the fbi by u.s. military officials and afghanistan. aaron says it appears the injury occurred during the suspect as by u.s. special forces in kaiul where he was staying with family members. >> president barack obamas will except unlimited sums of corporate money to pay for his inauguration. a spokeswoman for the presidential inaugural committee said it would set- up companies and individuals to underwrite the cost of a weekend festivities surrounding his second inauguration next month. but from lobbyists, political activist committees or foreign donors will not expected. a bomb had banned corporate donors from for his 2009 inauguration for the 2012 democr
. ? >> is that an issue? over $1.3 billion in federal government subsidies are going to wal-mart workers. >> 46 million americans are on food stamps. government programs they for that. we are a nation that is getting poor. >> talk about a soda company j.p. morgan is saying will be the worst stock of next year. >> stocks to avoid. we tend to find reasons to like stocks. here's a reason not to like a stock. europe is in shambles there are no longer giving subsidies for energy. the energy market is flooded with capacity to much capacity. prices have to go lower. but for j.p. morgan analyst to say it shows courage. this was a $300 stock back in the bush era days where the united states would subsidize as well as your it would subsidize solar. we are not a point in time where we can afford to do it as a nation or as a world. i am not telling people to go short. i think it takes chords to not like something on wall street. telling a negative story is not easy. >> coming up december 21st the mayan calendar reset some people are saying it is the in of the world. if you are a food company that has friday in you
that she had a message from fox news and chief, roger ailes. that petraeus should not accept any government position of the then chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. if that did not work that he should run for president. one question, it also said that he was joking and just trying to shake up the republican primary. and that he was way out of line ales.. said that he was just joking we will be back. with frustrated homeowners still waiting for help from superstorm sandy... the head of the federal emergency management agency testified before u-s lawmakers today . >> we have seen long response times because of fema because of every detail. >> the house transportation and infrastructure committee held a hearing... on the agency's response to the storm ... and touched on all the trouble people faced in the north east.. despite prepositioning of certain assets, we still saw massive fuel shortages, people in places like staten island who did not have help for days, and millions we've seen meaningful rebuilding. we don't want to see, from ny and nj, still haggling with fema over every di
being treated at a hospital while the guatemalan government decides whether to extradite him to belize for questioning in a murder case. kron four's grant lodes has been following this >> mcafee is the founder of the antivirus software company that bears his name. he sold it years ago and has been living what has been described as an eccentric when police there said they wanted to question him in a murder case, he ducked out of sight. after three weeks in hiding, he showed up in guatemala and asked for asylum. >> they are trying to arrest me to keep me from this press conference >> the web site was interviewing mcafee when he was taken into custody outside a luxury hotel in the capital, guatemala city. >> guatemalan jails have beds, dude and food. pretty awesome. i'm not too concerned. >> belize authorities have named him a person of interest in the murder of fellow expatriate greg faull. >> faull was found shot to death last month at his home just down the beach from mcafee's residence on the resort island of san pedro. mcafee says he was framed, and that he himself was in da
government can help restore the middle class. >> be extra careful of side due to the fog. this is a view from our mt. tam and there is fog in the midst of clouds. it is partly cloudy. it is mostly sunny conditions for the afternoon. clear skies are expected for the afternoon. it take a look at the yellow on your spring this is where the dense fog advisory has been issued. this is set to expire about 11:00 a.m.. napa as well as fairfield are affected by this dense fog. you can see where this is sitting in the north bay as well as the bay shore area. by 10:00 a.m. we are expected clear skies and it will stay this way for the rest of the after dole. afternos 37 degrees and napa and upper 30's for sunnyvale. that afternoon highs will warm-up to the '60s. it will be 60 degrees for your east bay shore and along the peninsula. 62 degrees is expected for downtown san francisco. there will be plenty of sunshine outside but it will get down to about low 20s. >> for the 7 day around the bay will be plenty of sunshine for the work week. on wednesday there may be showers. >> the rain has stopped, but the
's comments of the 47 percent of the population depending on the government. he made the comment at a private fund-raiser in may that was secretly recorded in posted on line in september by mother jones magazine. number two is romney again with the binders of women comment. he made that during the second presidential debate in hempstead new york. the president obama text and no. 3 and forced by saying at a campaign appearance " if you are successful, somebody along the line give you some help. there was a great teacher somewhere in your life. as somebody help to create this unbelievable american system that have allowed you to drive. somebody mess of their roads and bridges if you got a business you didn't bill that. the fourth best " sang please proceed governor during a presidential debate when he and romney were arguing whether a libyan attack was an act of terrorism. at no. 9 is all but the outcome style from the popular song by south korean rapper and pop star side that would viral on youtube. >> the australian radio host behind the so-called to the british house middleton was staying sa
the government was wet mass, camouflage clothing and a bulletproof vest when he opened fire yesterday afternoon in clackama town center awards biggest it is false. along with three deaths, a person in critical condition. we said they 10/the shooter and have not release his name. >> will have more on the rain and a couple of minutes and we will have showers depending on where you are will be back back in the day, we didn't have the u-verse wireless receiver. [ light laugh ] the tv stayed in one place... mmmmhmmmm. ...right next to the upstairs tv outlet. oh yeah. they can move the tv all over the place, even outside. grandpa... mmmhmm? kids have it easy nowadays. [ glasses clink ] i'm trying to tell ya. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver, only from at&t. get u-verse tv for $29 a month for 6 months. at&t. ♪ welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. watching wall street a day after the dow added 79 points. the s and p what was up 9 and the nasdaq back over the 3000 mark. up 35 to 3022. stocks rose on the expectation that the federal reserve will continue to pump cash into the economy. there
. they paid the government back. >> what did they do with their profit? >> we made almost $23 million. >> the time now is 917 and we want to switch gears and go to our weather. >> there are foggy conditions at the golden gate bridge. we have fault here and especially north of the bridge. visibility is down to zero in san francisco. it is just over a quarter of a mile. this is not everywhere. oakland redwood city are looking good. fairfield going out on 80 is encountering dense fog. you should keep this in mind as you head out the door. the rest of today it will be a chilly morning. most of us will stay dry today a letter on this afternoon we will see some areas of showers are arriving at temperatures will be cooler and not as mild. we will see lybrand developing tonight for north of golden gate bridge. >> temperatures right now are 51 degrees in downtown san francisco, 54 in oakland, may 4th is out in the east. here is a look pitcher satellite radar picture. there is not a lot on in california but we do have this cold front on the golf of alaska. they're bringing then snow. with his s
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